Hear no Speak no See no Evil  2013

Digital prints with screenprinted glazes on canvas   
58 x 53.5 in

Kate Garner's Hear no Speak no See no Evil series is a collection of works incorporating her out take photographs of the young Kate Moss during the pop-culture icon's first grown-up modeling session in 1990. Outsized high heels on the scantily-clad young woman holding a teddy bear highlight her youth without diminishing her sexuality, strength and independent spirit. Each of the large-scale digital prints in the series were printed at Coriander Studio  in London and uniquely embellished with screen printed glazes. Garner continues ongoing support for the cause of animal rights with a third of the proceeds of "Hear no Speak no See no Evil"  donated to the Elephant Haven sanctuary - www.elephanthaven.com.